How The ‘In The Heights’ Movie Is Different From The Musical

° dar rienda suelta a to provide free rein toDio rienda al llanto.She gave free rein to her tears. Resolver [rad-ch I] to decideEra necesario resolver con toda urgencia.▲ decision needed to be made immediately. ▲ to solveResolvió el problema.He solved the issue. ° resolverse to bring oneself to the purpose No se resuelve a tomar una decisión.He can’t convey himself to the purpose of creating a call. Hasta su regreso.She reserved the room for him till his return. Ese dinero, puede hacerle falta.Keep that money in reserve; you could want it.

° coche-comedor eating carEl coche-comedor va a la cabeza del tren.The eating automotive’s at the forward end of the practice. Centro centerVivimos en el centro .We live in the center of the city. ▲ enterprise district, downtownVamos al centro.Let’s go downtown. ▲ clubHubo un baile en nuestro centro.There was a dance at our membership. Caudal fortune, wealth, meansHa aumentado mucho el caudal de esa familia.The household fortune has increased an excellent deal. ▲ quantity El río lleva un gran caudal.The river carries a huge volume of water.

° antes que beforeSalieron antes que nosotros llegásemos.They left earlier than we arrived. Amargor bitternessNo podía soportar el amargor del café.He couldn’t stand the bitterness of the espresso. Allí therePóngalo allí.Put it over there. —Su casa está allí a la derecha.His house is there on the right. Alegrar to brighten Las flores alegrarán la mesa.The flowers will brighten up the table. ° alegrarse to rejoice, be gladMe alegro mucho de verla.I’m very glad to see you.

Here is a different English translation of St. Teresa’s poem for comparison. This track is predicated on a poem by St. Teresa of Avila titled “Nada te turbe”. I intermixed the unique Spanish with an English translation which I found online by Jorge W. Suazo. Welcome to the Trial Version of our Premium Online Dictionary.

For immigrants, nevertheless, these battles are regular. They wake up and take it daily. They stand up, they usually battle to overcome these obstacles, and in the end, they do. The end result wasn’t what was expected for each character, but that is what makes this story so actual. It exhibits that the normal American dream isn’t black and white, however one that makes the struggle price it.

Infortunio great misfortuneLa muerte de su padre fué un infortunio para él.The death of his father was a fantastic misfortune. Informe reportPresentó un informe a sus superiores.He introduced a report back to his superiors. Herida se inflamaron.The edges of the wound swelled. Infiel unfaithfulFué infiel a sus deberes.He did not fulfill his obligations.

° unos a otros each other, one anotherSe miraban zinos a otros.They were looking at one another. ° unos cuantos some, a few¿Quiere Ud. ° unos, unas some, a fewDéme unas manzanas.Give me a quantity of apples.

° en carne viva raw, open Tenía la rodilla en got here viva.His knee was uncooked. ° tocar en lo vivo to chop to the quick. ° estar mal visto to be improper, be disapproved, be unhealthy formNo haga Ud.

▲ to spoilSu dimisión estropeó nuestros planes.His resignation spoiled our plans. ° estropearse to be out of orderLa plancha eléctrica se ha estropeado.The electric iron’s out of order. Estacada ° dejarle a uno en la estacada to depart one holding the bag. Espantar to scare, frightenSe espanta por muy poca cosa.She gets scared over nothing at all. Envuelto involvedSiempre está envuelto en líos.He’s at all times concerned in some type of a mess. Enseñar to teachUn mejicano le enseñó español.A Mexican taught him Spanish.

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